From 589 pounds to 220 pounds. This is my journey. Welcome to the countdown.

Saturday morning I had a Toastmasters event. There was Bar Louie in the Holiday Inn that served breakfast. I got the egg beater veggie omelet and paid extra for the fruit–no potatoes and toast. I open it…

Hash Browns.

Yes, don’t eat them. Scoop them out and toss’em.

Yes those would be wise ideas.

But I didn’t get to 589 pounds once because I did the right thing. No, I kept them thinking “well, I could just pick at them”.

And pick I did…until they were gone.

Over the weekend I grabbed grilled chicken from KFC. I specifically said no sides and no biscuit.  I get it and open it later…


Now I didn’t eat all of it but I did eat some of it.

Few weeks ago, I go on a date. I order turkey burger with no bun. It shows up…

on a bun.

I ask them to take it back. The waiter seems dumbfounded. And then my date says “just put it on the side”.

Now I’m stuck. I’m trying to make a good impression on this girl and I’m sounding like a whinny little bitch about a hamburger bun. So there the bun sits as my brain continues to signal to eat it. I think I ate half of it.  Oh and that date totally went down hill anyway to boot. I mean seriously who doesn’t like Star Wars?


Sometimes it’s so hard to do the right thing. It’s hard to choose a salad with oil and vinegar over buffalo wings. Or to have skinless chicken breast with steamed veggies when you can have Chicken Parm.

So when you order the right thing and it shows up with your worst nightmare…it becomes a whole new level of fighting the good fight. It’s like pitching a no-hitter and still losing the game.

And as you can see from my date’s reaction most simply don’t get it or care either. Some do but most don’t. So I ended up with hash browns, a biscuit, and a hamburger bun as a result.

It could been worse I guess.

So all I ask is if I order something, please get it right.

Thank you.


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