From 589 pounds to 220 pounds. This is my journey. Welcome to the countdown.

3 down, 87 to go…

If it’s February, it’s time for the 90 day challenge ( 

Lifetime Fitness holds them in the fall and spring. It’s kind of like the biggest loser except anyone can enter for $25. There’s two categories: weight loss and transformation. The winners nationally get 10 grand. 

While 10 grand could be useful right now, the lengths some go to win it are pretty extreme. I’m not saying I don’t want to win but when someone refers to “cheating” as eating on raspberry…well, that’s just a little crazy. If really need 10 grand that bad, I just bust my ass a little more at work. That’s not to say I don’t do well. In the last two I’ve dropped 56 and 40 respectively winning the club’s weight loss challenge. And there were prizes. Last time I got a new workout bag complete with a stainless tumbler, a hat, and bluetooth waterproof head phones that store 8GB of music. Nice but not as good as the $250 club bucks I used for a few massages and pilates.

Then there’s other side of it. I’ve mentioned what it’s like at Lifetime Old Orchard. Winning two 90 challenges solidifies that. It only adds to my reputation and what I’ve done. And hey, who doesn’t like winning? 

So on Sunday, once more I entered the 90 challenge–to defend what is mine and see if I can 3peat. I have no idea what the club prize will be but not sure it matters that much. More interesting is Miranda tells me I have competition. It seems there’s a guy now a little bigger than me who just started, signed up, and is “really hungry to win”. 

Now part of me just doesn’t care. What exactly do I have to prove here?

I won two of these things! 

And since winning the 10 grand apparently means no raspberries (no way that’s gonna happen) and the local prize wasn’t exactly earth shattering, what exactly does it matter if I don’t win? And yet, in the deepest parts of my mind…

I ain’t losing.

I’ve done this twice and I can do it again. Yeah, this time it’s harder–a lot harder but hey, everything in life is hard. It’s just how much you want it. 

Yep back to that again. 

Truth is if I stepped it up a few notchs in these three months I could be closing in on 220 by the time the summer rolls around. Something I’ll need to really think about quickly because it might be day 87 now but if I’m not on it, it’ll be a lot less sooner.


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