From 589 pounds to 220 pounds. This is my journey. Welcome to the countdown.

Sometimes change blows


In this journey I’ve found that while I want different and variety, it’s comforting when you have a routine. It’s nice to know things aren’t changing. That you need not worry and everything will be as it always is. When I started this journey back in late 2011, I knew changes were going to need to be made. Sometimes they were slow to progress but they were made. 

If you looked at me today versus even 4 months ago, you’d see an entirely different person. But a lot of those changes were because in some ways my life has a particular pattern or routine. It’s pretty much gym, work, home or toastmasters. There’s little else right now. Sure I’ve made changes to the routine like workout times, adding yoga or pilates, or shifting to meet commitments but for the most part things have been pretty standard. 

One of the most consistent things has been my team–the people who keep me on track. With the exception of some changes with Pilates instructors, it’s been pretty consistent. There have been subs along the way but really it’s been the same people since late November 2012. 

Starting tomorrow that changes. 

In this entire journey, I never really expected for certain people not to be there in the end. So last week when Matt Bauman told me that the next week was his last…


When I restarted this journey in late 2012, Matt was the person there that day. I’m pretty sure he thought I’d not last. That I’d throw my hands up in a week or two and quit. He’s also the person who quickly realized that I might not get it all right but I’m not a quitter and that I’d work as hard as he wanted. He’d know when I could do more and when I was hurting. He’d know when it was time to be hard on me and when it was time let me figure it out. 

Of all the people I work with, he was the one who knew me best. The one I trusted most. 

This morning was my last session with Matt. I really wanted to be on time but it seems life had different ideas. I apparently left my shoes at the club and then forgot my heart rate monitor as a result. I started 15 minutes late. 12 minutes on a treadmill, 3 rounds of battle ropes, 3 rounds of TRX, 3 rounds of weights, 3 rounds of sprints and it was over. It wasn’t me at my best. Ironic as it seemed I busted out on the treadmill better than ever this morning.

The true irony? Matt’s going to be the fitness manager of place in South Carolina that helps people with weight problems. 

People like me. 

Those people are incredibly lucky. They’re getting one of the best. I wish Matt nothing but the best–he deserves it. He’s been nothing short of awesome. That includes the texting and drama at times. Thank you.

Still, I always thought when I reached goal Matt would be right there for the weigh-in. It’s really made me rethink what those final days might look like and who will be there. Suddenly the faces and even where it happens aren’t exactly clear like they used to be. 

On Monday things will indeed change.

But one thing doesn’t: the countdown. 

It’s still there with 96 pounds left (yes, I’m down another) to go. It needs to be completed and accomplished–Matt or no Matt. 

Matt, thank you for everything and your help. I wish you nothing but the best. I’ll even root for the Vols over Michigan and I’m a big ten fan. May you experience amazing things and help as many others as you’ve helped me.

Thank you.


Sometimes change blows.

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