From 589 pounds to 220 pounds. This is my journey. Welcome to the countdown.

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The Countdown–4/14/14 The Passover & Tax Edition

Last Week: 312

This Week: 307 (GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!!!)

Next week’s goal: 307

Magic Number to 220: 87 lbs.

Lost since Nov 2012 (543 lbs): 236 lbs

Lost Since Nov 2011 (561.8 lbs): 254.8 lbs

Highest ever weight recorded/known: 589 (difference of 282 lbs)


Strange week. 

On Friday I had hit goal. And yet on Monday I needed a brisk 10 minute walk and 10 minutes of sauna time to make goal. I had two dates over the weekend. Did Cheesecake Factory and Wildfire. The stuff I stuck to would make y’all proud.

And yet…


I suppose being sick a portion of last week helped. As discussed before, sick equals Jeff loses weight. But usually I’d lose a lot more than what I did. My activity level is down. Mostly as it’s been a bad work month and not felt comfortable going and walking in the warehouse lately as a result.

Miranda thinks it’s me not taking vitamins. Have to admit I start feeling much, much older when I hear I need fish oil and to take my vitamins. Yeah, I should take’em but I’d rather act my shoe size than age. Probably because in two weeks time I turn 42.



Really, 42?  

Crap I’m getting old. I swear I was 38 two seconds ago and now I’m 4 years past it???

Okay, focus. 

So looks like need to walk more, take vitamins, and….eat less? 

Miranda, my nutritional goddess, say no just add more veggies. But I’m beginning to wonder. Her take is if I’m eating natural organic foods in the oz/grams accounted for then I should be fine. My headache is usually salad equals dressing at which point I might as well have eaten a piece of chicken. Usually I’ll grill some onions, peppers, and whatever’s in the fridge with a pat of organic butter, garlic, and some salt.  

It could be water. I really don’t drink enough. I probably am getting 40-60oz a day. Really you’re supposed to drink half your body weight. At 307…

153.5 oz!!!

That’s over 19 glasses of water with an 8 oz glass! I’d be in the bathroom every 15 minutes. But hey, I’d get steps in. 

I just need to get on some of this stuff. 

And fast too. 

Passover was last night and of course I’m up.

310.5 no less.

Now I need to be down _8_ pounds next week.

Good news is it’s stuff that can come off easy but I’ll need to work a little extra this week. 

On the positive side, we’re getting closer and closer to leaving the 300s behind. If I indeed make it to 302, the next weigh-in would be 297. That’d put me 3 pounds under and 77 pounds from goal. It also means revisiting the 5 pound goal finally. 

8 pounds by Monday…maybe the tax man can come and take that from me instead? 😉


The Countdown–4/7/14

Last Week: 313

This Week: 312 

Next week’s goal: 307

Magic Number to 220: 92 lbs.

Lost since Nov 2012 (543 lbs): 231 lbs

Lost Since Nov 2011 (561.8 lbs): 249.8 lbs

Highest ever weight recorded/known: 589 (difference of 277 lbs)


Apologize for the delay. I got hit with a viral bug late in the weekend. Been laid up until today and the first chance I’ve had to write.

Last week was weird. I eeked out 313 last week. In doing so, I should have known this past week was going to be rough. I did myself no favors early in the week didn’t help. A little to many dark chocolate almonds, putting quite a bit of sugar on some strawberries, adding quite a few carbs on Monday. 

The scale crept back up to 316 by Wednesday. I got a little more serious and yet by Friday I was at 317. 

9 pounds away.


Now comes the eery part. I went to an event on Friday night. I ate and binged like crazy. Honey Roasted Peanuts, crackers, cheese, salami, a few pieces of sandwich. Saturday, at another event, I must have eaten at least 1/2 dozen peanut butter cookies. The big soft kind–lots of calories. Sunday I was at a friend’s house for Wrestlemania. I ate far too many chips and one piece of pizza.

I get on the scale on Monday…



Are you kidding me? Is this some sort of sick joke?

I lost 5 pounds???

I eat right most of the week and go up. I eat horribly all weekend and I go down? 

Given how the week started and where it ended, this should been a total train wreck. I should been close to 320–or more. How I’m not is a giant mystery that I don’t even think the Scooby Gang could figure out. 

I’d write more but honestly…I’m wiped. I really should not tried to coming back to work today. I feel like a zombie in the walking dead or something. Goal is 307 and it’ll be interesting.

I’ve not had a great step count this week. Then again Jeff sick = Jeff loses like 5+–usually 10+ pounds. We’ll see how it all falls out. Ironically I’m supposed to have two dates this weekend. Given how I feel right now I might have to cancel both. 

So next week 307. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find tissues, cough syrup, and headache medicine.


Hello CNN!

I recently received an email that CNN was looking for weight loss stories. They asked for “ah ha” weight loss moments.

So I submitted mine:

So if you’ve come over from CNN-welcome to the Countdown to 220 blog.

In fairness, there were a few pieces I shared in my CNN piece I’d not shared with y’all. I will indeed be doing that. But not in this particular post. But I will get to them. Maybe the next time I’m stuck in the dry sauna or something. 

But for now, please pass on this story on CNN. And for those visiting from it–thank you.

The Countdown 3/31/14

Last Week: 317

This Week: 313 (GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!!!)

Next week’s goal: 308

Magic Number to 220: 93 lbs.

Lost since Nov 2012 (543 lbs): 230 lbs

Lost Since Nov 2011 (561.8 lbs): 248.8 lbs

Highest ever weight recorded/known: 589 (difference of 276 lbs)


I honestly didn’t think I’d make this one. Seriously, the last minute heroics needed of late have been nuts!

On Sunday I was at 316–3 pounds from goal.

Sunday turned into the following:

8am — Water Fitness Class

9am: 30 minutes in the dry sauna

9:45: Protein Shake

10am: WERQ class for an hour

11am:  Protein Shake and bottle of smart water

Noon: Dry Sauna

 12:45: 2.75 miles on the treadmill–heart rate zones 1 and 2.

2PM: Dry Sauna

3PM: Walked in the park for an hour. 

4PM: Piece of Chicken and Kale Salad from Whole Foods

5PM: Meeting friends

6PM: cup of turkey chili, spinach power salad, and apple

Almost 22K in steps and 1500-1700 calories for the day. Oh and Monday morning before weigh-in I did a 10 minute walk and 13 minutes in the dry sauna. Honestly most of the week I felt I kept things pretty clean. A few missteps but nothing where I’d not Sunday heroics. 

I did cut my step count back. I still question the need versus a real workout but I may have to rethink it. It’s also clear I have little margin for error now. Things I used to look at as minor and now major. I cleaned up quite a bit the last few weeks on cheese and bread. Hell, went to TGI Fridays and ordered a grilled chicken breast and salad with balsamic–no cheese or croutons either!

My error?

We got comp’ed chips and salsa. I lost count after 10 chips. But still, not like I don’t lose or a gain a pound kind of eating there. My crutch in the morning has been a small cup of peanut butter. And when I say small I mean like 2-4 table spoons worth. But honestly if I gave that up I’m not sure how long I’d last. No bread, cheese, or peanut butter and I’ll suddenly want things like oh…pasta, Chinese food, Chicken Parm, and a Big Mac.

No, peanut butter and Lifetime Fitness Baked Chicken Fingers are about my guilty pleasures now because otherwise it could be a lot worse. 

As I’ve mentioned before, the countdown will now be different. Lauren will now play the part of Matt. Okay the mental image of Matt with boobs is creeping me out. Or is it Lauren looking far more buff that makes me cringe? Yes, I will miss Matt–I already do. But I know Lauren and she’ll be great. Be interesting to see how things will work and be different now. 

It’s been two weeks straight of making goal. Been a long time since that’s happened. It pushes me closer to the next milestone:


Jeez, I can’t remember the last time I was under 300 pounds. I think it was junior high. If I make the next 3 weigh-ins it puts me at 298. But next week is going to be rough. I have a function late Saturday afternoon which will have goodies. I also know people will want to go out afterward. Sunday night is Wrestlemania and I’ve been invited over. I’ll pack accordingly but there’s no way I could pull off the last two Sunday’s this week while being out with “the guys”. 

Still, unless I screw up–which I’m prone to do, I should be under 300 pounds possible by my birthday later this month. Won’t that be one hell of a present! 

That’s all I got for this week. Be back here next week as get closer to 299 and ever so closer to 220lbs.




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