From 589 pounds to 220 pounds. This is my journey. Welcome to the countdown.

Last Week: 312

This Week: 307 (GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!!!)

Next week’s goal: 307

Magic Number to 220: 87 lbs.

Lost since Nov 2012 (543 lbs): 236 lbs

Lost Since Nov 2011 (561.8 lbs): 254.8 lbs

Highest ever weight recorded/known: 589 (difference of 282 lbs)


Strange week. 

On Friday I had hit goal. And yet on Monday I needed a brisk 10 minute walk and 10 minutes of sauna time to make goal. I had two dates over the weekend. Did Cheesecake Factory and Wildfire. The stuff I stuck to would make y’all proud.

And yet…


I suppose being sick a portion of last week helped. As discussed before, sick equals Jeff loses weight. But usually I’d lose a lot more than what I did. My activity level is down. Mostly as it’s been a bad work month and not felt comfortable going and walking in the warehouse lately as a result.

Miranda thinks it’s me not taking vitamins. Have to admit I start feeling much, much older when I hear I need fish oil and to take my vitamins. Yeah, I should take’em but I’d rather act my shoe size than age. Probably because in two weeks time I turn 42.



Really, 42?  

Crap I’m getting old. I swear I was 38 two seconds ago and now I’m 4 years past it???

Okay, focus. 

So looks like need to walk more, take vitamins, and….eat less? 

Miranda, my nutritional goddess, say no just add more veggies. But I’m beginning to wonder. Her take is if I’m eating natural organic foods in the oz/grams accounted for then I should be fine. My headache is usually salad equals dressing at which point I might as well have eaten a piece of chicken. Usually I’ll grill some onions, peppers, and whatever’s in the fridge with a pat of organic butter, garlic, and some salt.  

It could be water. I really don’t drink enough. I probably am getting 40-60oz a day. Really you’re supposed to drink half your body weight. At 307…

153.5 oz!!!

That’s over 19 glasses of water with an 8 oz glass! I’d be in the bathroom every 15 minutes. But hey, I’d get steps in. 

I just need to get on some of this stuff. 

And fast too. 

Passover was last night and of course I’m up.

310.5 no less.

Now I need to be down _8_ pounds next week.

Good news is it’s stuff that can come off easy but I’ll need to work a little extra this week. 

On the positive side, we’re getting closer and closer to leaving the 300s behind. If I indeed make it to 302, the next weigh-in would be 297. That’d put me 3 pounds under and 77 pounds from goal. It also means revisiting the 5 pound goal finally. 

8 pounds by Monday…maybe the tax man can come and take that from me instead? 😉


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