From 589 pounds to 220 pounds. This is my journey. Welcome to the countdown.

The Recap 1/13/14

When I was more formal, I’d call this the countdown. It still is just less formal. There used to be previous weights, current weight, weight numbers lost…you get the idea. For now I’ve decided to keep things a little more simple.

After what has been 7 months of weight gain, going from 306 to 376, I had to make some changes and get back to being a little more serious about all this. It was simple to justify. A bad week here, a bad week there. Oh, I’ll get back on it next week.

In some ways, I was my own worst enemy. As I’ve lost hundreds of pounds the last 3+ years, I have a pretty good idea of what does and doesn’t work. I also know when I put my mind to it, nothing stops me. It also means sometimes you can make yourself think things which aren’t wise or true.

Like…”I’ll get back on track. No worries, I got this.”

I said it long enough that it was suddenly clear I did have it at all. So in December I took a long hard look of where things went. It resulted in a “goodbye tour” of some foods I simply don’t think I’ll see for a while. And in a shock to most who know me, I looked to add and create…*sigh* structure.

I get the need but structure is double edged for me. At times I need it but usually I run from it. Structure means organization and well I’m just an organizational mess. So for now, I’ll call it a plan so I don’t get annoyed at being structured. With that in mind, on with the countdown.

Last week I tipped the scales at…*ugh* 376.

This week….366.

Yes, that would be a 10 pound loss. And while many on Team Jeff are happy, I can’t be so thrilled. Yes I lost 10 pounds but it’s just one week. If I’m going to be successful, I need to string together a few weeks, then months. I cannot simply get overconfident because of a 10 pound loss. Doing so puts me right back into “no worries, I got this”.

The good this week:

I made a pact of no fast food. With the exception of stopping at KFC for grilled chicken, I can say this happened. After a week off, I got back into the gym and brought my step totals up. I cut back on the quantities. I ate out only once all week. I formulated a plan to keep myself going.

Needs work:

We finally had freezing cold in Chicago. The kind of cold that makes you never want leave your bed in the morning. And that resulted in missing my Tuesday and Thursday morning workout. I also skipped WERQ dance fitness on Monday night. If I’m going to get back on track, I either need to be hitting 10,000 steps or workout everyday–sometimes both. I went to Walgreens one night and was set to grab a stack of candy bars. I took one and 2 nutrigrain bars. That kind of stuff is better but can’t keep happening.


Okay, 10 pounds???? I could lost a lot more. If I’d done more exercise, been cleaner, and not put myself in a couple bad situations, I could been down another 2-3 easily. How do I figure? Here’s how:

*Saturday I was supposed to meet a friend at Whole Foods. Whole Foods turned into Wildfire. Not horrible but the 3 pieces of cornbread I scarfed down says otherwise. I should never put myself in that situation.

*Friday at work they had one of those big birthday cookies with tons of frosting. It set me off some. At first I didn’t eat it. But later, I walked into the break room and tried to use others things to calm myself. 15 minutes later, I was eating b-day cookie. Not good.

*Sunday’s planning was brutal. I ate at noon–chicken and a protein shake. At a sensible meal at about 2pm. I had an event at 6pm at the Doubletree Hotel–where they have free soft, warm cookies. And I was hungry? Why? Because it was 6-7 pm and I’d not eaten enough. And so I ate 3 of those cookies. I should have brought something with but didn’t.

*KFC Grilled Chicken should be a last resort. It was eaten twice this week. I had two nutri-grain bars and twix instead of the 3-4 twix bars I grabbed but why did I put myself in that position at all? the sandwich/oreo cookies at work…at least 10 during the week. Why?

*My working out/step count was horrible on Tuesday. Saturday wasn’t that much better either. Missing Monday night WERQ class followed by a poor Tuesday morning workout isn’t going to cut it.

And yet through all of it, I lost 10 pounds. The question is what will I lose next week. Guess you’ll need to stick around to find out won’t you? 😉


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