From 589 pounds to 220 pounds. This is my journey. Welcome to the countdown.

A Pain In The Piriformis

It’s an early December morning and I’m working with my trainer. The weight might not be coming off but my conditioning? Top notch. I was beginning to start sprinting regularly without breathing heavy–something I never thought I’d ever see or accomplish.

And then….


Ow like okay ow we need to stop now ow.

I wasn’t doing anything special. I’d just finished an exercise and suddenly I was in pain. Lots of pain. At first, I thought I sprained a butt muscle.

My fat ass getting me in trouble.


But then as the days went on, it seemed like it was my hip.

No my back.

No, my ass.

No my hip.

And that’s when my trainer said it: I think it’s the Piriformis.

Instantly my mind went to when I’d last heard that word.

Last year my pilates instructor would often stretch me. At that point, I learned very quickly as I screamed like a little school or a UFC wrestler tapping for a submission.

That muscle.


I’ll save you the clinical of it all (but you can see it here: but just know it’s not fun.

I tried heating pads and ice…nope.

I had a massage…better but really they should paid me considering how painful that was.

I tried resting it…great until I took it up a notch in my workouts and now it’s baaaaa-cccckkkk.

The result? It’s made it harder to be at the gym. It means 15-30 minutes to stretch out before I start. Even then it might still act up. It’s meant I must taking things slower. Worst of all, my conditioning level is down since I took time off to rest it. It’s still pretty good but not where it was.

It’s also effected my weight loss goals. When I was able to do more and work harder, I could eat more. But with the injury, it means I have to be more careful and smarter. Better in the long run but in the short term?


I really enjoy going into the gym these days. I’m more than willing to work through pain and fight through. But this…a total pain…in the Piriformis.


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