From 589 pounds to 220 pounds. This is my journey. Welcome to the countdown.

Recap–1/19/15 (Week 2)

Last week, I came out of the gate swinging. I lost 10 pounds in a week. Given I felt bloated, I knew my body would lose quite a bit. But I heard Admiral Ackbar screaming in my brain…


I knew I’d be overconfident. I knew this week would be harder. Usually weeks after a big weight loss are. But really, I made it harder. Here’s how:

*Monday night I some how ended up at Culvers for a small concrete mixer. Some how? Who am I kidding? I drove my ass there and ordered it.

*I missed Tuesday and Thursday morning workouts. The cold weather combined with my piriformis made sleeping in sound like a much better plan.

*I missed both WERQ Fitness Dance classes on Monday and Thursday nights. Some work related, some piriformis related, and some because I’m not in the shape I was two months ago. Not that I’m in bad shape now but my endurance levels fell quickly.

*On Thursday night not only did I miss WERQ, I ended up at Marianos. That’d be okay if I didn’t have small gelato. And Chinese Food. And Mac and Cheese.

*Saturday night I ended up at Chief O’Neils. The reuben was amazing but I also ate fries. I never eat fries but I did that night.

And so 367 turned into 369 yesterday morning.

The issue was not my body, it was me. Everything that happened was because I allowed it to. Because I put myself in bad positions or wasn’t strong enough to say no. If I’m going to achieve my goals, I can’t have weeks like this. I’m pretty sure some of the issues were stress and others self sabotage. Almost all of my life I’ve gone up in weight. It’s only been the last three years that there’s been a decrease. It’s also clear now maintaining will be far more difficult than anything else.

But I can’t think about that yet. I’m 149 pounds for goal. Can’t tread water and I can’t afford that many errors if I’m going achieve my goal. I could look at this and been happy it was a only 2 pound gain. But that would mean I was okay with it.

And I’m not.

I can’t accept this nor should I.

This week I resolved to make all my scheduled workouts–the ones I don’t meet with trainers for. So far, I made WERQ class last night and got in about 5000 steps and 13 active minutes this morning. I’ve worked out a deal with the Lifecafe at Lifetime Fitness–where I workout. They’re given me a menu of to go items. I’ve used some of them but I need more structure on this.

My excuse?

Need to go over with my trainer Lauren who can help me plan. My hope is this will cut portion sizes and control what I intake. Healthier choices versus what might be sitting in the break room. I’d love to say protein bars but really those have been more like eating a candy bar and simply not filling. It’s not working.

I also need start taking supplements and vitamins regularly again. I started again yesterday. Question will be if I follow through. All the rest has one advantage: I’d felt exhausted. My body just felt drained. Tired. I was dead and my body screamed from it. For the first time in a while, the rest of my body feels good.

Actually more like great (except for piriformis…argh).

It should help moving forward. I’m hoping once I get things more together with structure, I’ll move down quickly again.

Two weeks down and 8 pounds lost. I have two weeks left in the month. If I could lose another 8, that would be a nice start. Everything else would be a bonus.

If got a plan now I need to execute it. Week 3 will answer questions on whether I did that or if I’ll need to re-examine my thought process.


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  1. Sometimes you fall, but you can always get back up! You can do this!

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