From 589 pounds to 220 pounds. This is my journey. Welcome to the countdown.

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It was time.

I’d been trying to hold off. Thought maybe I could get another month or two.


It’s time to shop…again.

Ever since about June, every two months I need to shop. Because…

Because I don’t fit in my clothes any more.

Yes, it’s a problem I want but imagine if you had to buy something you will only be wearing two months. Ask yourself how much you’re willing to buy or pay for. How expensive considering they won’t last.

I had a rotation of 5 dress shirts and two pairs of pants. Thankfully the shirts have been lasting.

Pants and belts…ugh.

I’m really burying the lead here.

Last year I wore a 6-7x t-shirt. Yesterday…


Yeah, that 4-5 sizes in 14 months.

Pants were a 74 at my biggest. Yesterday…


22 sizes in 14 months!!! Talk about crazy!

And yet, I’m complaining. Hey, it costs money to look good! But hey…

I look good.

And that’s all that matters…until I have to go shopping again. Ugh.


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