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Cause That’s What I Do!

WWE wrestler Mark Henry’s catchphrase seemed like the right title for this posting. I’ve been asked often about what I do and how I do it. In the small feedback I’ve received, it’s been the most common suggestion. Mostly it’s been about what I eat, how I eat, and when I eat. That will come. But for now, we’ll tackle a different realm: exercise.

The following is currently what my workouts look like:

Monday AM:

The Monday morning workout is in the Lifetime Pool with Matt. I’ll do sprints, use the pool weights, and weights with sprints. This is a 40-50 minute workout. Nice part about the pool is I don’t get tired as quickly because the water hydrates. It also allows me to move my body in ways that might not be so comfortable or easy on land.

Monday PM:

I try not to miss the 6:15pm WERQ class. It’s a dance class that mixes pop, rap, and hip hop. Love it far more than Zumba. It’s a 45 minute class.  You can read more on it here:

Afterwards, I’ll hit the treadmill and watch WWE Monday Raw to the 1st commercial break. Then its off to get dinner and hit the dry sauna.

Tuesday: Miranda. Miranda’s mostly nutrition so we’ll walk the gym usually for an hour. I’ll average about 5000-6000 steps. We’ve been doing agility drills and I’ll do some sprints but after Sunday and Monday this is usually a down day. Unless Miranda’s mad then I could be in a lot of trouble. There’s a new dance class on Tuesday night. Did it last night but I think my odds of doing it every week are slim.

Wednesday: Zone workout with Matt. We target based on my heart rate zones. Usually 12-15 minutes on a treadmill. At that point it could be anything. Today included TRX, Battle Ropes, squats, and catch with a giant medicine ball. Usually ends with sprints for about 10 minutes or so. Total time is about 50 minutes.  If I’m feeling up to it, WERQ is in the evening but I rarely do it on Wednesday night.

Thursday: More Miranda. A lot like Tuesday only with a weigh-in (ick).

Friday: The weekend starts my efforts. Friday morning is 40 minutes walking the gym. It’s followed by 10-20 minutes in the pool and 10-20 minutes in the dry sauna. If I’m feeling up to it or nothing better to do, I’ll either head back to gym hit the treadmill or take the Zumba class that evening and do some more dry sauna.

Saturday: When it was nice outside, I’d go walk the park in the Glen. Now its either treadmill or Zumba. 99% of the time…treadmill–for an hour. I’ll change speeds and inclines. If I’m ambitious it’s out to Woodfield Mall for the 1pm Latin Fusion dance class. Sometimes is two trips in one day and will include 1-2 dry sauna trips. The goal is to be over 10K steps today–or maybe more.

Sunday: Welcome to my busy day.

8am–Pilates–a must. If could afford it more it would be twice a week.

9:30am–WERQ. This might be one of the most popular classes all week. After this I’m usually over 6000 steps easy.

10:30am–12:25pm: Treadmill (get to 10K steps), breakfast, and dry sauna in no particular order there. Just try to get it all done.

12:30–Yoga. Just started. It’s a one on one session. Still working to get it down and better.

If I feel like it I’ll hit the treadmill, walk in the gym, and/or dry sauna. Usually just dry sauna.

My daily step goal is at least 5000 and more like 7000 or better. 10,000 is really the daily goal. I usually hit it on weekends for sure. I use a fitbit to track what I do. You can see about that here:

So that’s my exercise…Cause That’s What I Do!


It’s Monday!

Every week the goal is lose 5 pounds. It starts the minute I get off the scale on Monday to when I get on the scale the following Monday. There are no excuses.

Vacation–no excuse.

Moms’ b-day–no excuse

Office holiday part–well you get the idea.

So beyond the death of the weekend and back to work, Monday holds yet another meaning. It tells me whether this week was a success or failure. For the majority of the time, it’s been a success. Some weeks the difference between success and failure comes down to two words:

dry sauna

Now I’m not saying this is a good idea for everyone. Nor is this in the place of a proper diet and exercise. But maybe you went out two days ago and had prime rib. That extra sodium isn’t leaving on its own. Not if you want to make weight by Monday. Hell, I’m almost positive the reason the dry sauna exists was so there was an easy way to get rid of the sodium from Chinese Food!

So once in a while, if the scale says 346 and I need to be at 345–yes, the dry sauna is my ally.

Monday is also usually a possible cheat day. If I’m going eat something that I’ll regret later then Monday is the day. It also gives me a pretty good idea of how things are going. For example…

Ten days before Thanksgiving, I was 342 pounds. Since that time, I’ve bounced around in the 340s. I was supposed to be at 335 this morning. I was 339. That makes over a month of weigh-ins that I’ve not made it. I could use the holidays as an excuse–most would. But again–no excuses.

All of this is the primer because starting next week, every Monday will be a weight with the good, bad, and ugly of it all. While I’m glad people have enjoyed the previous posts, it will be this weekly post on Monday which will be the most telling. The one which truly shows where we are with the countdown. I should come up with a clever name but I don’t have it–yet.

So as of today, I’m 339. Next week the goal is 334. It’s 119 pounds from the goal.

Look forward to giving you all good news next Monday.

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