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Welcome to the “enemy”!

I recently made quite a bit of my team in this journey aware of this blog. That means my thoughts and my sins…the ones I omit, will be on full display in all their glory. And while I’ll get flack, it means my Tuesdays and Thursdays could taken on new dimensions.

Tuesday and Thursday is when I meet with Miranda.

My nutritionist.

Miranda is awesome. She’s helped me a ton and always is in my corner. I’d not be at this point without her. She’s the person who makes sure I make amazing food choices. Before her my four food groups were Fast Food, Jack Daniels, Bar Food, and oh yeah green stuff.  To help me get better at this, I sent her pictures of EVERYTHING I eat.

Have I mentioned what my idea of what four groups were?

So while Miranda is awesome, she’s also…well, the “enemy”. Remember those cartoons as a kid–the ones with the devil and angel on each shoulder? Miranda’s the angel. So when the ENTIRE office is getting Five Guys, guess who’s voice I’m hearing the whole time? Yes, this is a good thing…except when you want something. Something you know is a bad idea. Something that you’re not supposed to touch with a 10 foot pole. Like say…a Big Mac.

(NOTE: Notice I did not say I ate one nor am I planning to. No Big Macs. Not here, not ever. No Big Macs were harmed in the creating of this post.)

Now I’m supposed to take a picture of this. Have you ever had a dog? Have they ever pooped on the carpet? Ever walk the dog over there and put is nose in the poop and asked him what he did?


Yes she means well. Yes, she’s right. Of course she’s right. I shouldn’t be eating that. But damn it, it’s not normal to eat salad without gobs of ranch dressing. It’s goes against the American way of life! So once in a while, Miranda doesn’t get a picture…or three. She’s had guesses here and there but hey, no picture–no proof right?

But now she has access to this blog. The one where I will indeed be confessing things…like when I’ve stopped at the Culver’s Drive Thru.

(NOTE#2: Notice I did not say I went to Culvers. Not here, not ever. No Culvers were involved in the creating of this post. No small carmel cashew sundaes were harmed in writing this post. Honest. I swear.)

I’ve titled her the “enemy” but really it’s only because if I called her an “angel”, I’d never hear the end of it. And now she has access to everything.

Because as much as I hate not getting to eat pizza, I trust her–even when I do something stupid or fail miserably. She’s in my corner.

So I welcome the “enemy” to the countdown. Try not the kill me too much when once in a while you read something here you didn’t see please. 😉


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