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Back in the spring, I came back from vacation and I’d gained 7 pounds.

(Note: if you’ve noticed a trend, you’re not alone. Vacation equals things don’t get well from Jeff. This usually includes a weight gain–sometimes deserved and other times mind boggling.)

At first I wasn’t worried. I’d had gains like this before. They were usually followed with close to double digit losses. So as usual, I put my head down and worked harder. But by Thursday morning, the scale hadn’t budged one inch. I was still 7 pounds away from where I needed to be. And I’d been doubling my usual efforts.

To say I was frustrated was a major understatement. I was past frustrated. I was at find me a pizza–this week is over.

That is when I met Georgette.

There I was at a true low point when she came over and said the following:

“Hi, you don’t know me. My name is Georgette. I see you in here everyday and how hard you work. And when I think about not coming in, I think about you and it makes me want to come in. You’re doing a great job–keep it up.”

It’s moments like this when I truly believe in the powers of the universe. Here I was at a true low point and out of nowhere this woman decided NOW was the time to approach me and tell me this.

After pondering the recent events of the moment, I walked over to Georgette and told her the truth, How I’d gained 7 pounds, how they weren’t coming off, and how seconds before she walked over I was ready to throw up my hands and give up. And that her words couldn’t have come at a better time.

She gave me a hug.

Four days later the 7 pounds I fretted over were gone.

I still see Georgette. We say hi to one another usually in passing.

It’s easy to say people are mean and don’t care any more. It’s not true. Yes people are more cynical and weary but if you work hard show you’re genuine, they will stand with and behind you.

Because you never know when your moment of kindness can help someone else at a moment when they could use it. Like that moment I met Georgette.


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