From 589 pounds to 220 pounds. This is my journey. Welcome to the countdown.

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The Countdown 1/13/14

Last Week: 339


Magic Number to 220: 114 lbs.

Lost since Nov 2012: 209 lbs

Lost Since Nov 2011: 227 lbs

Highest ever weight recorded/known: 589 (difference of 255 lbs)

Looking back on last week: On 1/1/14, I was 349. In 13 days, I’ve lost 15 pounds. With the holidays over, I felt like things got a back to normal and more of a regular schedule.

The weather did play some havoc on the week. I’d planned to take a dance class Monday night only to find the club closed due to a power loss. The result was a 3800 step day–my worst in what has to be a year’s time. Step numbers seemed to be a little lower than I’d like. In addition, Miranda had the flu so Tuesday and Thursday were quiet days walking around the gym.

I’ll get slightly depressed during these cold winter months. It’s made worse when it’s a foot of snow followed by negative degree weather followed by even more snow. So a little more stress filled this past week.

I did dry sauna a little more than usual this week. This was also the first week I used my new compression socks for all 5 week days and I’ve been taking my Vitamin D more regularly. 

I still had flaws in nutrition. There were one or two occasions I walked into the kitchen and didn’t win the willpower battle. Wednesday, I knew I had an event in the evening and Lifetime Fitness was out of extra detox meals. I’ll usually do KFC Grilled Chicken. However eating 70% of the biscuit, a small portion of mac and cheese, and cole slaw wasn’t smart.

The weekend–ugh. Had a work dinner on Friday night and had two drinks. They had appetizers–all fried. I didn’t go overboard but I could been more in control. Saturday I had Lou Malnati’s pizza. One slice would been fine but the 2nd sliver slice–never should have happened. Went to Seasons 52 for dinner. The Filet was a good choice and I didn’t go overboard with appetizers as we shared but two desserts–good but a total mistake.

On Saturday, I was 332 in the morning. By Sunday morning I was 335. But I also did 11,000+ steps both Saturday and Sunday with a good number of them hitting zone 1 or better.

Thoughts: Friday night and Saturday can’t be repeated. Being ahead of the curve certainly helped. While I felt like I got in the usual amount of exercise, my step numbers seemed lower. But it’s the 1st time I’ve hit goal in a month so I can’t complain. We’re 114 pounds from goal–6 pounds better than where we were a week or so ago.  It annoys me I still can’t fit in a booth at a restaurant.

Next week: The goal is 329. I seriously can’t remember the last time I was that low.


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