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The Gauntlet

In my quest to reach 220 pounds, there’s a lot of healthy eating and exercise. But there’s also the mental game. When the boss buys lunch, it means you step up and make sure there’s something you can eat instead of pizza or fried chicken. It means when the office get Five Guys on Fridays that you make sure you have that 300 cal detox lunch from Lifetime Fitness.

But probably the hardest part of all might seem like the easiest: Putting my lunch in the fridge in the kitchen.

Sounds easy right?


The kitchen is where people leave communal food. Co-worker made extra brownies? Guess where he brought them? Someone got a food gift from a client? C’mon down! Some just felt like being nice and bringing in bagels and cream cheese? It’s right there for you.

I’m glad my co-workers do this stuff for each other. I think it’s awesome. Unfortunately all I want to do is put my stuff in the fridge. Instead I see the assortment of goodies. Worse, my desk is around the corner from said goodies! So it’s a 2 second walk to the kitchen. And now that I have a water bottle to refill regularly…well, I get to see this again and again.

Now in fairness, sometimes there’s nothing. Other times what’s available…yuck. But those other times…the times with say…the homemade brownies and cookies?


So everyday I walk into work knowing I need to run this “gauntlet”. That I’ve got be mental strong and not give in. Some days that’s indeed what happens. ┬áSometimes it’s a simple taste and throw away. Or the days where it’s just one. And then there are THOSE days.

The one where it was only supposed to be a taste and suddenly became one. Where one becomes two and two becomes 3, 4, and 5.

Yeah, THOSE days.

Wish I could say I’ve not had them but I have. Even when you’ve taken off 200 pounds in a year there are going to be times where it didn’t go as planned. Where you have those lapses. The question becomes is it a one time lapse? Do you have the resolve to make sure that’s all it is?

The answer is yes. That’s supposed to be the answer. But for the majority of my life I ran the gauntlet right into a fast food drive thru. My guess is given our current obesity problems in this country that I’m not the only one.

I think Dr. Lee Kern of Structure House said it best: it’s not about what you did, it’s about what you do next. Boy is he dead on. In the past I’d look at what I’d consumed, get mad at myself, and as result consumed even more of what the same things which made me get mad in the first place.

So when you walk into your gauntlet–a break room or kitchen–you have to be strong and believe in yourself. If you give in–it happens but it’s more important to break the cycle and fret over it as chances are if you don’t it’ll happen again.

It’s the end of the day. I need to empty my bottle. It means I’ll walk past cookies, brownies, and god knows what else. It’s my gauntlet and I have to walk through it.


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