From 589 pounds to 220 pounds. This is my journey. Welcome to the countdown.

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Valentine’s Day? Really???

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Okay this hasn’t exactly been my holiday. Thanksgiving–that’s my holiday. Valentine’s Day is a holiday for the pretty people. And when you’ve always been overweight the only people you get valentines from is your family. So this is not exactly my holiday.

So how in the hell do I somehow have a date tonight on Valentine’s Day?

Damned if I know.

Last summer I got back on Jdate on a whim. Once in a blue moon I’d get someone look at my profile. But really nothing serious. I’d shoot a few emails and flirts with no response or a polite no thanks. And then I updated my picture. Now I’m not saying women are throwing themselves at me but suddenly I seem to be on the radar. I’ve had a few dates but nothing to write home about. I’ve mentioned the one who hates Star Wars.

But tonight is a little different. I saw this woman’s profile…gorgeous. Maybe in 100 pounds and when I was a little more toned up I’d have a shot. On a whim, I shot her an email.

She replied–and not with a no either.

I’d initially asked about Valentine’s Day but she was going out with her girlfriends that night. The about 7ish last night I get an email. Her plans fell through–do I still want to go out?

And there it is.

I have a date…on Valentine’s Day. With an amazing, smart, and sexy woman.

Me, the guy who’s idea of a date that day is the local strip club.

People ask me how things are different. How things have changed.

This is how.

A date on Valentine’s Day…me??? really???



The 340 blues

A week before Thankgiving, I was at 342. I had lost 200 pounds in less than a year’s time. I was thrilled and wanted to tell the whole world.

That was 6 weeks ago. Today–343.


The last 6 weeks or more, I’ve bounced from 340 up to 347. This past Monday I’d gotten down to 337-339 and then…back to 341!

To say I’m frustrated would be an understatement.

Now some weeks it was deserved. You can’t go scarf down two taco bell burritos and eat potato chips with reckless abandon and not expect the scale to be unkind. But when you’ve gone out of your way to wake up early to work out, reach 10,000 steps, go out of your way to Whole Foods to pick up the right stuff and you still gain 3 pounds?

Those are the moments when you’re ready to just find the nearest pizza place with good deep dish and demolish something you know you’ll regret later.

In three-four weeks, I’ll look back at this and laugh. But if I could have keep going at pace, I’d be closer to 300. Instead I’ll start 2014 with about 120 to go when I could been at 80-100.

Yes, I realize that’s nothing to sneeze at. 200 pounds in a year’s time? Some people can’t lose that in a lifetime. I understand–I get it. But here’s what you don’t get–I’m not done. I have 120 more I need to get rid of.

That’s a million more steps, almost a thousand hours, and dozens instances where I’ll be wanting a bacon cheeseburger with fries and have to tell myself–no, we can’t do that now. Where everyone else will be having pizza and I’ll be eating a salad.

It’s clear now that the last 120 will be harder than the first 120. That it will take even more steps and determination than ever. That the effort will need to be supreme and to achieve my goals, I’ll need to step it up yet another notch.

Maybe that’s what the 340 blues are really about. That I was simply not ready to put in the effort needed to take that next step. In the past this would be where things fall apart. I’d go on some binge, gobble 3000-4000 calories in one sitting, get annoyed with myself and then go do it again.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember I’m not that guy anymore. That it’s a new time, day, and place. 2014 is coming and those last 120 pounds are leaving. And the time to start isn’t later–it’s now.

Today, 12/26/13, I was 343. Tomorrow I will be less as well the day after. And that will be the end of the 340 blues.

The countdown begins–NOW!

My name is Jeff Stein and at age 38 it was clear I wasn’t happy with my life. I was over 500 pounds–closer to 600, at a job I hated, and waiting for something to change.

That something was me.

I could lay blame and point fingers but in the end, I allowed myself to get to a point where I couldn’t take an airline flight because I didn’t know if I’d fit bathroom let alone an airplane seat. There wasn’t a fast food drive thru I didn’t like. Hell, some fast food workers knew me on a first name basis!

That was my life.

In spring of 2011, I had a cellulitis attack which was compounded by weight. I spent 2 weeks in a hospital and 4 in a rehab facility. I knew then things had gone too far. That I needed to make a change. In November of 2011, I went to Structure House in Durham, NC. I stayed for 3 months and dropped 80 pounds.

And then I came home and proceeded to hit every bump in the road along the way. By November 2012, I’d gained back 60 of the 80 that I’d lost. The week of Thanksgiving 2012, I weighed 543 pounds.

What a difference a year makes.

Today (12/23/13), I weighed in at 337lbs. For those math challenged like me, that’s 206lbs. There wasn’t a surgery–just hard work, a ton of sweat, and a need for willpower.

This blog will be what documents the good, bad, and ugly of the next leg of this journey: 220 pounds. As of today that’s 117 pounds away. It’ll also look back other aspects of where I am today. And it will probably once in a while be a place I can talk about others things as well.

I have no idea if anyone will read or see this post let alone those to come. But I’ll try to keep it entertaining. But for now, welcome to the countdown because it begins…


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